The Job Awful Truth’s: The 7 Deadly Sins of the Job Search

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bigstockphoto_Man_Looking_At_Computer_In_Des_5307220[1]Are you a person that thinks with regards to your job search, “more is better”?   Have you posted your resume to every job board, applied to every job on multiple company websites, and are working with multiple recruiters regarding various opportunities?  Are you finding that you aren’t getting any interviews, or if you are, not for the opportunities you want?  THE AWFUL TRUTH is, more is not better; more is just more.  Don’t share your resume with everyone.  There is something very attractive in exclusivity. Before you go blasting your resume to every job site on the planet, make a list of your abilities, experience and skills.  Now make a list of several companies that you would like to work for.  Do some research on the companies and determine which jobs at those specific companies you are qualified for and would enjoy doing.  The best approach will be to identify people at those companies that are responsible for hiring those  job functions and begin networking with them.  This may or may not be something you are able to determine or are comfortable doing.  In the alternative, identify one or two recruiters that have an expertise in the specific industry and work with them exclusively.    It is a much more powerful presentation to say “my candidate specifically asked to be considered for your organization” directly to the hiring manager, than having HR pull your resume down from multiple job boards and receive it from various sources.  Frankly, this makes you look desperate and hence unattractive.   THE AWFUL TRUTH is, you need to use restraint, and control your job search to get the job you really want.

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The Job Awful Truth’s: 5 Things That Should Be On Everyone’s Resume Series (Volume 5)

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bigstockphoto_Scrabble_Background_5620040[1]5.  CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION AND GOOD SPELLING: Ok, I know this should be totally obvious, but you would be flabbergasted if you knew how many resumes I see daily that have atrocious spelling.  In addition, I come across a good number of resumes that don’t have the correct contact information on them.  Phone numbers and email addresses change and become outdated, but the person fails to update the header portion of their resume.  THE AWFUL TRUTH is, failing to update your contact information and poor spelling make the candidate look lazy and unprofessional.  The hiring manager is going to get a distinctly negative impression if the resume is filled with spelling errors or they can’t contact the person they are interested in.  I know that some people are just not very good spellers, and for those of you that aren’t, find your nerdiest friend and have them proof read your resume before you send it anywhere.

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