The Job Awful Truth’s: The 7 Deadly Sins of the Job Search

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Do you find yourself thinking things like “I can’t believe Bob just got that new job, my numbers were better than his?”  Do you spend precious moments obsessing over the fact that you and Charlie have the same skill set and comparable experience, but he is getting 10X the number of interviews?  THE AWFUL TRUTH is, it is a significant waste of your time to focus on other people’s job searches.  You will be much more successful in your own job search if you focus on yourself.  Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, your energy is better spent identifying ways to improve your resume, acquiring new skills to make you more marketable, and networking with those that can help you get hired in the positions you seek.  THE AWFUL TRUTH is, being envious of someone else’s success only takes away from your own.

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What Is LinkedIn? And Why Should I Care?

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With over 40 million members and still growing, LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the entire world. It connects an individual with numerous contacts. But, there is more to LinkedIn than just connections….after all, recent developments in networking technology should provide more than just size.

LinkedIn is able to facilitate the exchange of ideas on a larger scale. In other words, the network does not just exist – it exists for a specific purpose, which is to increase professional and business opportunities for users. One of the ways that LinkedIn accomplishes this is by providing a means to update profiles as often as it is needed. This gives business contacts the chance to see your most recent projects and contact information.

The next question that should be answered is this: so what? A large number of contacts may seem impressive but how does this translate to actual results? LinkedIn is a valuable tool to professionals because it gives the resources that may otherwise not have been accessed. The website has features such as Answers and Groups that will allow you to get in touch with experts that specialize in the field that you’re interested in. Unlike ordinary research, LinkedIn narrows down the process through introductions and lets you search for people by name, title, company, and other pertinent details.

One of the effects of technology is that there is a wide array of information that is readily available. The downside of this is that it may just be too much. You never know what kind of data will appear about you if your name is searched. LinkedIn gives you control of the information that others can see about you. For individuals serious about the professional impression they want to convey, this is an invaluable opportunity.

With a membership over 40 million strong and counting, LinkedIn has become an important networking tool for everyone, but it has become absolutely essential for jobseekers. There are just too many people on it to ignore–and too many opportunities to connect with them. Jobseekers who learn to make the most of those opportunities–and learn to make LinkedIn work for them–are the ones who will experience the most success.

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Written by Peggy McKee – the medical sales recruiter
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The Job Awful Truth’s: The 7 Deadly Sins of the Job Search

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Possibly the most severe of the 7 Deadly Sins of the Job Search is Pride. It is a sad situation when your ego grows so large that you will not consider or will pass on a new position based solely on the title. Being specifically focused on a position’s title gives the impression that you think you are better or more important than others and can appear to be arrogant rather than confident. When you hit a crossroads in your career, you should evaluate all new opportunities on a wide range of variables. Someone truly committed to making the best career choice will evaluate the scope of responsibility for each position; a company’s organizational structure; the management responsibilities you will have; the company’s mission and value statements; and the company’s reputation in the industry. There might be a valid argument for certain companies to evaluate their titles against those of their competitors to stay innovative in their market. Even so, THE AWFUL TRUTH is, sometimes the best job for you might not have the best title.

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