Not Enough Time To Network Becomes A $48,000 Mistake

December 16, 2009 at 10:33 am (Uncategorized)

Flashback to the Spring of 2008 I was telling a Minnesota IT Consultant friend of mine, “You have to start networking again. This market is starting to change, starting to slow and you need to be ahead of the curve.”

My friend is very talented and well connected but lazy when it comes to staying in touch with people. He has always has been but always had been able to get a new gig within 2 weeks of the previous one ending. With the market being good he would treat the 2 weeks as a vacation or a chance to do other things.

We knew his contract was coming to a close at the end of November after a 16 month run.

He kept saying, “Dude, I do not have the time or energy. I do not have time to attend industry events and my LinkedIn profile looks fine.”

He was right about his LinkedIn profile. It was and is still fine. But the issue with the logic is saying you are on LinkedIn and using LinkedIn, two very different things.

Even with the market slowing down he would have been able to get his next gig. He is that good. But then the slow down became a stall.

And then he started marketing himself AFTER his gig ended and slots were filled. Projects were planned and staffed. He found himself on the outside looking in.

One of our friends said, “I thought you would be at XYZ until after the 1st of the year, why did you not say anything? You know we would have taken you on.”

So what did he lose? A lot:

15 weeks x 40 hours = 600 hours

600 hours x $80 an hour = $48,000

Here is the moral to the story, you need to manage your career the way you manage maintenance on your car, doctor check ups and your next family vacation.

Do not have time to manage your career?

You cannot afford not to.

Article written by Paul DeBettignies is Managing Partner of Nerd Search, LLC a Minneapolis IT search firm, author of the

Minnesota Headhunter blog, listed as a Top 20 Minnesota Social Media Innovator, frequent speaker and article contributor on recruiter, career, networking and social media topics with his related site

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What Is LinkedIn? And Why Should I Care?

October 16, 2009 at 1:21 pm (Career, job search, Uncategorized) (, , )

With over 40 million members and still growing, LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the entire world. It connects an individual with numerous contacts. But, there is more to LinkedIn than just connections….after all, recent developments in networking technology should provide more than just size.

LinkedIn is able to facilitate the exchange of ideas on a larger scale. In other words, the network does not just exist – it exists for a specific purpose, which is to increase professional and business opportunities for users. One of the ways that LinkedIn accomplishes this is by providing a means to update profiles as often as it is needed. This gives business contacts the chance to see your most recent projects and contact information.

The next question that should be answered is this: so what? A large number of contacts may seem impressive but how does this translate to actual results? LinkedIn is a valuable tool to professionals because it gives the resources that may otherwise not have been accessed. The website has features such as Answers and Groups that will allow you to get in touch with experts that specialize in the field that you’re interested in. Unlike ordinary research, LinkedIn narrows down the process through introductions and lets you search for people by name, title, company, and other pertinent details.

One of the effects of technology is that there is a wide array of information that is readily available. The downside of this is that it may just be too much. You never know what kind of data will appear about you if your name is searched. LinkedIn gives you control of the information that others can see about you. For individuals serious about the professional impression they want to convey, this is an invaluable opportunity.

With a membership over 40 million strong and counting, LinkedIn has become an important networking tool for everyone, but it has become absolutely essential for jobseekers. There are just too many people on it to ignore–and too many opportunities to connect with them. Jobseekers who learn to make the most of those opportunities–and learn to make LinkedIn work for them–are the ones who will experience the most success.

If you’d like to discover how to set up your LinkedIn profile to attract the attention of hiring managers while avoiding common mistakes, click here. To learn how to use your LinkedIn profile to target those hiring managers and get where you need to go, click here.

For more secrets to a successful job search, click here.

Written by Peggy McKee – the medical sales recruiter
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The Job Search is Hard For Everyone

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