The Job Awful Truth’s: 5 Interview Tips To Keep Your Phone Ringing (Volume 1)

November 5, 2009 at 12:07 pm (5 Interview Tips To Keep Your Phone Ringing, Career, Interviewing, job search) (, , , , )

When you are actively pursuing new opportunities, the process will most likely start with some type of phone interview.  Sometimes this will be a simple phone screen with a Human Resources representative, but sometimes it will be with the actual hiring manager.  Regardless of who you speak with, the five tips in this series will give you the best chance of reaching your next goal in the process, getting to the face-to-face interview.

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THE AWFUL TRUTH is, this will be the only time for you to make the first impression and you are at a disadvantage already. Over 50% of human communication is done through body language and with that piece missing in a phone interview, it is imperative that you be well prepared.  Start with a printed copy of your resume so that you and the person you are talking with are looking at the same document.  Have a list of your top accomplishments written out and placed in front of you.  Remember to focus these accomplishments around ways that you have either saved a company money, made a company money or improved a process or procedure.  In addition, you will want to have the research you have conducted on this company for reference.  As you share your accomplishments, you can relate the information you have gathered to the company and the position you seek.   Have a pen and paper for taking thorough notes.  Lastly, you will want to have your calendar readily available should the opportunity arise to schedule the face-to-face interview.  THE AWFUL TRUTH is, winners don’t wing it, they come prepared, do these things and you should move right on to the next step in the hiring process.

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  1. Highest Paid Jobs said,

    Finding a good job can be pretty troublesome. Especially when you have high expectations.

    Here are some tips that helped me land the job of my dreams:

    * Plan out your CV, if you’ve never done a CV before, this is the time to learn.
    * Take into consideration what skills do you have. You may have more choices if you consider additional job titles.
    * Don’t neglect any source of jobs : internet, newspaper, radio and other media. Ask your friends that have similar jobs if there may be an opening in their company.
    * Don’t just send the resume by email and wait for an answer. You need to call them and have them confirm the job opening and receiving your resume.

    Finding a job is pretty much a job in itself and it’s all about how well can you market your abilities.

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