The Job Awful Truth’s: The 7 Deadly Sins of the Job Search

October 8, 2009 at 2:58 am (Career, job search, The 7 Deadly Sins of the Job Search) (, , , , , )


bigstockphoto_Lipstick_On_Man_s_Collar_5316193[1]Your “dream” job is available, you’ve crafted a fantastic resume, sent it over to the proper contacts and now all that you hear are the crickets chirping!  Could it be you are lusting  after a job you really want, but are not yet qualified for? How realistic is the focus you have on the position you are entertaining? Are you maybe a little overzealous about this new position, so obsessed that you are stalking the recruiter and the hiring manager? If you have uttered the phrase “even though I have never done most of the tasks listed on the job description, but I know I would be great at it,  I just need an interview to prove  it,” then you need to quickly reevaluate whether pursuing this job is the best use of your time.  The AWFUL TRUTH is,  you should have AT LEAST  90%  of the requirements listed in the job description, before deciding to apply for it.  If you don’t meet 90% of the education requirements, experience, certifications, etc., then you are chasing after a job, that in reality just does not make sense for you.  Aggressively pursuing this job does not make you seem determined; it makes you appear to be a poor listener and somewhat desperate.  Frankly, desperation is not attractive.  The AWFUL TRUTH is, if you lust after a certain position, make sure and get the additional education or certifications required.  Pursue opportunities to learn the essential functions of your “dream” job with your current organization. Your boss will appreciate that you are taking initiative to learn new things and your marketability will improve significantly.
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